A Natural Way To Relieve Chronic Chest Congestion

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A Natural Way To Relieve Chronic Chest Congestion

I was taking a red eye flight from LA to the East Coast and hoped to get some sleep on the plane but soon noticed an older gentleman a few seats away who was coughing and gasping for air Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. An oxygen tank confirmed that he probably had a chronic problem like emphysema or bronchitis.

After 15 minutes of listening to him choke and gasp I realized I wouldn be able to get any rest if I didn help him. Since I always carry a bottle of fenugreek and lobelia tincture with me, I approached him and introduced myself as a natural healing doctor. I explained how small doses of lobelia and fenugreek can dilate the bronchial tubes making it easier to breathe Best Selling Cigarettes. In a stronger dose it can act as an expectorant and will help break up and get rid of the mucous that was making him cough so hard. At a really strong dose it can act as an emetic and could actually cause the mucous to be vomited from the lungs.

I proposed that he follow me to the restroom where he could take the entire two-ounce bottle in one large dose Cheapest Cigarettes In Usa. This would immediately cause him to vomit all the mucous from his lungs and then he might feel much better and be able to get some rest. He looked at me and said, do I have to lose? I dying anyway. Lead the way. went back to the restroom where he immediately swallowed the contents of the two-ounce bottle. Within minutes he vomited about a half cup of black mucous. Instantly he could breathe again and the color returned to his face and lips. I walked him back to his seat where, with tears in his eyes, he thanked me for helping him feel better.

I gave him the empty bottle and suggested that when he got home he could stock up on it at his local health food store. Then he could take two or three eyedroppers three or four times a day to help him breathe more easily Cheap Cigarettes Near Me.

After that, both of us were able to sleep all the way to the East Coast.

It isn only smoking tobacco that causes emphysema and bronchitis; almost anything that we inhale that toxic can cause problems to develop in the lungs Order Cigarettes Online. Inhaling any burning thing including native American tobacco or marijuana can result in emphysema. Inhaling other people smoke can be deadly. Even inhaling hot air from fires can have devastating effects.

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