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The manhood may be a man’s best friend Walter Payton Hat , but there are still male organ facts that many men may not know – or only think they know. Just as with human best friends, sometimes there is more to a guy’s favorite appendage than may be immediately obvious – and sometimes what’s secret could have an impact on manhood health. So with that in mind, guys are encouraged to take the simple quiz to see how up to par they are with their male organ facts.

1. True or False: The human member has one large bone in it.

False. Despite the fact that tumescence is commonly called a “boner,” the human member has no actual bones in it. Some none-human members do have bones Kevin White Hat , however.

2. True or False: The manhood retains the same degree of sensitivity throughout its lifetime.

False. Most men tend to lose some sensation in their manhood as they age. In addition, many men lose some sensitivity due to trauma or to rough or aggressive handling during sensual activity.

3. True or False: There’s a lot of manhood a person just can’t see.

True. When the member is tumescent, only about half of the total organ is visible. The rest of the member – the part referred to as the “root” of the manhood – extends inside the body. (It’s similar to how the roots of a tree are underground and may stretch for a distance longer than the part of the tree that is above ground.)

4. What term describes a man obtaining tumescence after being hanged to death?
A. Disgusting
B. The Deathly Hardening
C. Angel Lust
D. Post-Passing Pleasure

While it’s possible any of the above could be considered correct, C is the official answer.

5. What is the term for tumescence caused by sensual fantasies?
A. Disgusting
B. Psychogenic
C. Fantasty-ific
D. Va-Voomers

The correct answer is B Adam Shaheen Hat , although many men have their own terms for these occurrences.

6. What is the average number of tumescences that an adult male gets in one day?
A. One
B. Five
C. Eleven
D. Eighteen

The answer is C. eleven; however, some men may get more or fewer on a regular basis and still be perfectly healthy.

7. Which of the following is NOT a common manhood skin issue?
A. Fordyce spots
B. Psoriasis
C. Contact dermatitis
D. Peripheral nerve damage

Peripheral nerve damage (D) does occur in the manhood, but it is not considered a skin issue.

8. True or False: If a man is hard for 90 minutes or more, he is suffering from priapism.

False. Most doctors define priapism as an unrelenting hardness that lasts for four hours or more. However Eddie Goldman Hat , if a man experiences a painful tumescence that won’t go down, he should consult a doctor, even if it has not been ongoing for four hours. (Long-term and unrelieved tumescence can cause serious damage to sensitive manhood tissue.)

9. Worldwide, more men have intact prepuces rather than circumcised members.

True. Somewhere around 23 of men the age of fifteen and up possess their prepuces.

It’s important to know basic male organ facts. One of the most important is that attending to member health is crucial; regularly using a top drawer manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil Cody Whitehair Hat , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can aid in this quest. Those concerned with maintaining a proper degree of member sensitivity should use a crème with acetyl L carnitine, which is neuroprotective and helps guard against the peripheral nerve damage from rough handling that diminished manhood sensation. It’s also advised to select a crème with potent moisturizing capabilities to attend to rashes and the itchiness that accompanies them. A crème with both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) is well positioned to provide superior hydration to the male organ skin. 2018-2023 Global Li-ion Battery for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Industry Analysis and Forecast Report
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