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Monday Braydon Coburn Jersey , May 14, 2012. Pittsburgh, PA. In Part 1 of “How to Weld Chrome Moly”, Mr. TIG went over some basic information on 4130 Chrome Moly covering how to get started, when to use 4130 and other beginner welding tips. In Part 2 Yanni Gourde Jersey , we venture into some more difficult practices that are used in more advanced welding projects.

In the beginning of the segment (0:46) Wyatt talks about some of the benefits of using 4130 Chrome Moly, Including strength to weight ratio and what type of welding projects it is generally used for.
As usual, Mr. TIG then answers a few of the more frequent questions that he receives during the week:
• Can you gas weld 4130?

Yes you can gas weld 4130. I prefer TIG Welding, because it is faster and has more control, but if you’re still gas welding Ryan Callahan Jersey , it can do a great job.
• Do you need to pre-heat all 4130 Chrome Moly?

No, you do not. With 100 thousandths wall thickness or less, you do not need to preheat.

• Do you need to have an oversized weld to make sure it is good?

The answer to that is no. This part has a wall thickness of about 62 thousandths, the fillet size is about 100-120 thousandths and that is plenty. When you evaluate the cross section of the amount of linear inches of weld, it is more than enough strength. Typically in this case you will not have to put a second weld pass on Brayden Point Jersey , but always add filler material.

• What filler material should I use?
There are 3 recommended filler materials that you can choose.
1. ER80SD2
2. ER70S2
3. ER70S6

After going through these questions, Wyatt shows you a prepped piece of 4130 tubing and an un-prepped piece and goes over the advantages of cleaning your project surface.
At 5:00 Wyatt puts on his safety gears and prepares to show you how to weld a piece of 4130 tubing. As you see the weld demonstration, Mr. TIG’s animated helper comes in to tell you that “When reaching a fillet area in a cluster, you may require additional amperage to obtain the correct puddle size.”

Todd Clouser is the Marketing and Social Media Specialist for Weld, Your Connection to the Universe of Welding. With a broad knowledge of social media and emerging marketing technologies Ondrej Palat Jersey , he is determined to create a resource in Weld that proves to be an unrivaled asset to the industry.
Contact Information:

161 Hillpointe Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317
E-mail: tclouser@weld
Phone: 724-820-1880

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