Architect seeks approval for Allentown apartments The Buffalo News

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Architect seeks approval for Allentown apartments The Buffalo News

A local architect is seeking city approval to build a three-story apartment building on Franklin Street, just north of Allen Street.

Ten months after an electrical fire in a 150-year-old home that left an attached storefront heavily damaged by smoke and water, Buffalo architect Matthew P. Moscati wants to construct a $1 million building at 500 Franklin St., with below-grade indoor parking, a lobby and two floors of apartments Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes.

The previous 9,400-square-foot complex included a gabled brick house in the middle, with a 2.5-story brick warehouse behind it and a one-story, blue-and-green cinder block addition in the front.

The house was built between 1855 and 1859 by Joseph D Online Newport Cigarette Store. Roberts, a malt house owner.

The 2,500-square-foot warehouse was added as part of his nearby brewery operation a year later, according to historical research cited by local preservationists.

The front portion, which at one time housed Artvoice, was home to Mundo Images when the fire struck in January Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. It also would have access to the enclosed 13-car parking level located half a floor below the ground.

The sloping parking entrance would be on Franklin Street.

The downtown area is seeing the construction of many other new apartments, as landlords and developers rush to capitalize on the demand for downtown living and the opportunity to reuse old buildings Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes.

But Moscati said he's confident his new units will be snapped up, citing "the amount of jobs being created on the medical campus half a block away Cigarettes Online Free Shipping."

"I also feel Allentown is a sought-after place to live," he said.

The application, through Franklin 500 LLC, will come before the Planning Board on Tuesday, but it needs approval from the Preservation Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals as well.<br/>related article :<br/> Cost Of 10 Cigarettes
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