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Big Surprise:200M Free old runescape cheap gold on RSorder for Ornate Armor Mar.20

I played for awhile and then came back to the guild and complained to another player. He said osrs gold to empty every machine of items and then refill again. So I did. I just logged in to find that all 4 machine worked as expected over night, when I wasn logged in. I don know if emptying them all completely was the issue or not, but it might be worth a try! 4 points submitted 1 year agoThe way its worded in the news post is so misleading.
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I've read bits of Discipline and Punish and I've read many secondary sources. but I always feel like I'm missing a very large piece of the puzzle and it's never really clicked for me. Everything I've read is very intreaguing. Anyone care to take a stab?For what it's worth, I think I understand a bit of The History of Sexuality and I understand Bentham's Panoptican, but I don't nessecarly see the totality of the connection.

It's all about power: power, its manifestations, its structures, and the relationship of the subject (and subjection) to those structures, whether physical or discursive.It's primarly Discipline and Punish I'm trying to understand, but I'm open to less known work too.OK, you asked for simple. In Foucault's view (and he cribs a lot of this from Nietzsche), there are two basic kinds of power:

1) The 'pre modern' form of power is what most people think of when they think of power: the power to force people to do things, or prohibit them from doing them; a kind of power founded on the threat of direct, bodily violence. The primary metaphor for this kind of power is the king's public execution of those who have transgressed his law.

2) The 'modern' form of power is different. In the simplest terms, it is the power to define the standards of what is right and wrong, normal and abnormal, acceptable and perverse. This power is obtained by constantly surveilling people, collecting information about them, and eventually getting people to perform surveillance on themselves; it is founded not on the threat of violence,

not just sane/insane, but hundreds of DSM IV pages of different kinds of psychological illness; not just saint/sinner, but hundreds of kinds of social and sexual deviancy; not just healthy/sick, but thousands of different ways of being sick, or at risk of illness, or predisposed to illness, or possibly ill. IFNSHO, this endless classification establishes standards against which we are all constantly measuring ourselves and each other and this is an exercise of power, not a neutral collection of facts.
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