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Don let the primary place where you are standing or sitting get contaminated by the bad news. Use hand gestures to place the bad news or controversial topic at a phantom location. Assign negatives to a visual placeholder or phantom (neutral) location as often as possible, so the object or location is seen as the bearer of bad news, not you.

If you point out the window, at a flip chart, to an object or place disassociated from you while you delivering the negative or Carton Of Newports Price bad news, your listeners will believe that where you pointing is where the negative news is. You can assign anything to a phantom location it concrete or abstract. Of course, if it good news, you want to keep it close to you and your audience positive news, gesture to yourself or your audience.

Remember, a location within the immediate vicinity creates a sense of urgency and emotional impact more than one outside the immediate vicinity. It is much easier to decontaminate or ignore a phantom location than yourself or another person.

In Sharon Sayler latest book What Your Body Says (and how to master the message), you learn a lot more about gestures of location as well as how to use your voice, posture and eye contact at a phantom location. You find out how using phantom locations can help improve relationships and build trust.

Excerpt from What Your Body Says (and how to master the message)

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