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locations are neutral spots that can be quickly created and from which Cheap Cigarette you and your audience can easily be disassociated. Try to think like a mime when you choosing a phantom location. How does a mime make you believe he is behind a

wall? He implies that there Newport 100 Carton is a wall by using exaggerated gestures. This same concept holds true here. As you begin to talk about something that does not have a visual placeholder for the listener, gesture toward a predetermined location either beside you, behind you, in a corner, or even out the window. Remember, the closer it is to you or the listener, the more emotional attachment and sense of urgency to resolve.

If you act as  if a phantom object or concept were really at a given location, others will believe it is there Marlboro Light Cigarettes Buy Cheap Cigarettes too listeners are not able to see an object or concept physically, such as bad news piled up in the corner, they will believe it is there if you consistently reinforce that it is. The key here is to maintain the same location and gesture for whatever you originally placed there, especially if it negative news. locations lets people know what to expect. Knowing what to expect helps them feel safe. google_ad_section_start -->

Sharon Sayler, MBA, is a Communications Success Strategist who trains professionals on how to become stronger, more influential communicators and leaders. She teaches people how to communicate with confidence and clarity by matching their body language to what their mouth is saying. Sharon's new book What Your Body Says (and how to master the message) teaches business leaders and communicators how to make their body match what their mouth is saying.

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