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Cheap Los Angeles Chargers Jersey ,"sans-serif";">According to the reports from National Geographic Website, the U.S. scientists said in the latest research that the number of plastic waste of the "junk in Atlantic" has not increased over the past 20 years. It seems to be good news, but according to their explanation Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jersey , the plastic waste did increase in the past years. However the increased plastic debris may be eaten by marine creatures.

Most small plastic garbage (the plastic bags and plastic bottles blew from landfills or thrown by the human into the ocean) in the Atlantic Ocean exist in the form of debris, floating in a marine region which has not been yet proven hundreds of miles away from the North American coast.

Cheap Miami Dolphins Jersey ,"sans-serif";">Kara and her colleagues recently analyzed from the data collected in "Atlantic garbage" in the past 22 years. They found that the density of junk in that region did not increase with time. However, even taking the factor of the waste recycling rate having been increased into account, the use of plastic by the human still should tend to increase over the past 20 years. Then where is the increased plastic garbage? Kara said that because some garbage is too small Cheap New England Patriots Jersey , the researchers simply cannot do records on it: "Our net can only catch fragments of lager than one-third mm. And some plastics certainly were broken down into smaller pieces than this. "

Some pieces of plastic debris may be eaten as plankton mistakenly by the marine lives. Plankton is a tiny free-floating marine plants and animals in the sea. In addition, the plastic debris also may be covered with the marine bacteria Cheap New Orleans Saints Jersey , leading to increase in weight, and then sank.

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