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Grade Pay

Dear Sir,

Can u pls tell me abt d growth in Education Deptt. and various other opportunities regarding career in dis ,moreover the grade pays of Asstt. Lecturer in Primary School and the total in hand current salary or take home pay salary .

Sir i also want to knw abt if i Rohit join in dis deptt. at the age of 22 yrs and some months den can i reach to the post of group b gazetted officer and if yes then when and how with the growth in salary.

Sir i also want to knw something regarding the State Govt employees salary and Central Govt . Employees salary ..........
If a person is having salary of 9300-34800 with grade pay  4200 in State Govt. den tht DA(Dearness Allowance) will be given on 9300 an then 4200 is added into it bt on the other hand in case of Cent Govt if salary would be like 9300-34800 + 4200 Grade Pay den he wil be getting DA(Dearness Allowance) on 9300 +4200=13500 i.e. on total 13500
If dis is dere den y such big differences in salary when we r doin the same amt of work with equal and more qualification.
Pls ans all ma doubts ASAP..
Have a grt day.

Rohit Misra