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Selling inauthentic and counterfeit products is a serious offense on Amazon. An inauthentic product is one that was not purchased from a reputed distributor whereas counterfeit products are the fake products.
Many sellers get confused with the term inauthentic and counterfeit whenever there is a complaint against inauthentic products. According to Amazon seller policies Manuel Locatelli Jersey , inauthentic items may not be counterfeit products. As per the policies, inauthentic items are not completely fake products but are the part of a gray market. In case your item is flagged as potentially inauthentic, it means that the product was purchased from an unauthorized source.
How can you deal with these two different types of complaints?
In simple words, inauthentic products are those purchased from unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products are the fake or duplicate products. You must purchase all your products from authorized manufacturers and vendors only Lucas Biglia Jersey , not from any other sources even if they claim to be the real brand name product.
If any customer questions on your products and raises any complaint, you will have to face suspension from Amazon. Then you need to produce evidence of purchase to the seller performance team to prove that all your products were purchased from an authorized dealer. Amazon never accepts any kind of receipts that fall short to make out the product. There should not be any liquidators and other vendors where it becomes tricky to recognize if your distributor obtained the products.
The most likely causes for getting inauthentic complaints could be as follows:
1. Confusion between the terminologies:
In many cases, customers file a complaint because they don have a proper idea about the difference between the two terms. And it will create a difficult situation for you, even though you do not have any fault. No matter whether your products are authentic or not Luca Antonelli Jersey , but customers will make the complaints regardless. And in this case, your account will get suspended by Amazon. If you cannot understand why your customers complained against your products then to reinstate your account you will have to declare your purchase detail in your plan of action.
2. Improper packaging:
Your products may be authentic, but the packaging may not be as per with the Amazon customer expectations. In many cases, customers marked the items as inauthentic items because they found differences between the product showed on Amazon and the same they received. In this case Leonardo Bonucci Jersey , they should file the complaint as not as advertised. But they generally mark it as inauthentic and then it becomes your responsibility to correct the packaging and prove the authenticity of your product.
3. Product Description:
Inauthentic product complaint may be filed due to misunderstanding or similarity between the product description of your products and the same of some other brands. It makes the customers believe that you might be selling duplicate or fake products. Then again it becomes your duty to modify your product descriptions in a creative way to avoid the confusion between your products and the products of other brands. In any case, if there is a problem you need to produce proof of your authenticity.
A proof of authenticity makes it easy to get reinstated your account easily.

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Decorate your home with unique glass products

Posted by Madeinyushuo on December 6th Ignazio Abate Jersey , 2014

Glass is one of the hardest materials that are produced solid with transparent properties. These materials are used to manufacture a wide variety of items that are used for several purposes such furnishings, windows & doors, eyewear, home decoration and many more. The majority of people generally use unique glass products for decorating the interior spaces of the homes and offices. These products are available in the marketplace in wide ranges with unique features and designs. You can choose the right item as per your requirements.

Nowadays Hakan Calhanoglu Jersey , plenty of manufacturers are available in the market that manufactures high end mirrors and glass items and sell it to their customers. When searching for one of the most trusted service providers, extensive search over the web is required to be done. The internet is a big platform from where you can get various options to select from. Whatever is your need, important is to choose the right service provider who commits to provide the best products and genuine service at pocket-friendly rates.

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