Kritika Online Nobleria Debut

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Kritika Online Nobleria Debut

Kritika Online: Nobleria Debut

At first I was like oh no Loli! But she is actually just a little girl. She is fun to use however and sports some major fire cheap kritika online gold power. Like Eclaire she'll more then likely need a nerf. If a character is too easy with combo's. It's almost no fun to continue playing them for long. With all that said she is a nice addition to the roster for Christmas.


Super Easy to use borders on cheap

Humorous attacks and finishers

Easy to level up

Long dash evade (don't know how she's short)


She doesn't really have any to be honest unless you're annoyed with kid characters and voices.


For those who care for a English server cheap kritika online kred watch. A SEA Global version is coming soon. I added the link to the Facebook. Happy gaming!
BY here now... well done, more kritika online gold cheap from us, so thanks!