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The rare plant found by Lin Hailun in Zhejiang
A rare plant — known as Ophioglossum reticulatum Linn by its Latin name — was found early this week in Xiangshan county Nike Air Max Lunar 90 Suomi , Zhejiang province.

With the plant long considered a living fossil, it was the first to be found in Zhejiang.

Lin Hailun, a plant expert in Ningbo, spotted the fossil while recently walking through a bamboo forest. After days of observation, he confirmed the plant to be the Ophioglossum reticulatum Linn with heart-shaped leaves.

Psilotum nudum (L.) Beauv Nike Air Max Deluxe Suomi , Another living fossil, was found in Xiangshan last November.

Discovery of the two ancient species was confirmed by Professor Li Genyou, an authoritative plant expert at Zhejiang A&F University.

The reason these ancient plants are found in this location may be attributed to the superior water and warm weather conditions in Xiangshan Peninsula, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Moreover, the local ecological environment is well preserved Nike Air Max Trainer 1 Suomi , which enables the survival of many species.

Lin said the class these newly discovered plants belong to is very ancient and that they possess unique gene structures considered to be of high value for botanical study and utilization.

LONDON, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- Following are the leading scorers at the English Premier League after Sunday's matches:

12: Aguero (Man City)

10: Diego Costa (Chelsea)

8: Sanchez (Arsenal)

7: Berahino (West Brom)

6: Austin (QPR), Pelle (Southampton), Sakho (West Ham), Chadli (Tottenham)

5: Ulloa (Leicester)

4: Bony (Swansea) Nike Air Max Motion Suomi , Cisse (Newcastle), Diame (Hull), Fletcher (Sunderland), Jelavic (Hull), Lukaku (Everton) Nike Air Max Speed Turf Suomi , Naismith (Everton)

WELLINGTON, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- An international report showing New Zealand has one of the fastest rising rates of inequality among developed nations is an embarrassment for a government wedded to "trickle down" ideology, opposition parties claimed Wednesday.

The Organization for Economic Development and Co-operation ( OECD) report said that rising inequality had knocked more than 10 percentage points of New Zealand's economic growth from 1990 to 2010.

The Gini coefficient measure of income inequality rose in 16 out of the 21 OECD countries that had long-time statistics, rising by more than five points in Finland, Israel Nike Air Max 93 Suomi , New Zealand, Sweden and the United States, according to the OECD Focus on Inequality and Growth report.

The report showed that the government needed to stop clinging to failed "trickle down" economics, the main opposition Labor Party said.

"The government should be embarrassed by this report. It shows New Zealand has the widest growth in the gap between the haves and the have-nots in the developed world," Labor leader Andrew Little said in a statement.

Increasing the minimum wage and restoring collective bargaining rights Nike Air Max 360 Suomi , which critics claim the government has undermined, would make a real difference to ensuring the whole country was better off, he said.

The opposition Green Party said the OECD report showed the fundamental philosophy of the New Zealand governments over the past 30 years has been wrong.

"New Zealand was singled out for being the world's most extreme disciple of the trickle down cult which has caused the severest damage to both our people and our economy," Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said in a statement.

"The evidence has been staring us in the face for decades. Thirty years of trickledown obsession has seen the rate of child poverty double and the bottom half of incomes stagnate while those at the top get more and more wealthy," said Norman.

While the report argued that well-targeted redistribution policies could help lower inequality and improve overall economic growth Nike Air Max Penny Suomi , Finance Minister Bill English refuted the argument, saying half of all New Zealand households pay no net tax at all.

"In an economy that's not growing -- as New Zealand grew poorly for quite a stretch up until about the early 1990s -- in an economy growing poorly everyone gets worse off and the people at the bottom are affected the most," English told Radio New Zealand.

English said the government's education programs would help break the cycle of long-term poverty.

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