Path of Exile's latest Challenge League adds a slew of new content

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Path of Exile's latest Challenge League adds a slew of new content

Path of Exile has been on a much more successful path than some of it's ARPG counterparts. Some people even praise it as the one true ARPG worth playing. For April Fools, it turned into a battle royale much like Fortnite or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It took Grinding Gear Games one day of development to get the update done.

Here are the basics for Path of Exile: Incursion: Your task is to link up with Alva Valai to find 11 portals into the Temple of Atzoatl, one in each area of Wraeclast. Those will take you into a Temporal Incursion, each one a different room in the large temple far in the past. Inside, you’ll find tons of enemies, including two Vaal Architects. Both Architects have different plans for the room you’re in, and depending on which one you kill, the room’s function in the temple will change.

Following roughly 11 Temporal Incursions, Alva will find the present day location of the temple, allowing players to explore its present day layout. But that won't be the last opportunity to visit the temple in the past. After finding the temple in the present day, players can get the opportunity to re-visit the past temple to help shape it in different ways. Upgrading the temple means connecting various rooms and potentially connecting to a boss room, containing a powerful foe, who guards powerful treasures. Buy Cheap Path of POE Goods from gain a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

On the other side of the spectrum, traps are getting nerfed. Apparently they were so powerful that they "invalidated other ways of using many skills". Throw time on traps has been increased as well as damage penalties for Multi Trap Support and Minefield Support. Tap and mine skills will also get higher damage to compensate for some of the power loss.

The Incursion League arrives on June 1st, and brings with it a pile of new content. As you travel around Wraeclast and the existing world, you will encounter explorer Alva Valai, who offers you the opportunity to explore the lost temple of an ancient civilization. The Temple of Atzoatl is crammed with powerful relics and enchanted riches, but gaining access to its plunder will present a unique, dire challenge.

It can get very complex, from the sounds of Steven's piece. Each room has competing 'architects' that want to design the room a certain way. Kill one architect and the other is free to do their work, changing the room and potentially impacting the rest of the temple. You can travel back to the same room more than once during your 11 incursions, giving one architect multiple chances to upgrade the room to their liking.