Porsche 915 Transmission Repair Tutorial Part 4

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Porsche 915 Transmission Repair Tutorial Part 4

Porsche 915 Transmission Repair Tutorial Part 4

(All of these parts are available to purchase through Red Line Service in Los Angeles, Ca. A visual reveals badly worn dog teeth on our subject, so let's remove the synchro parts, as we did on 2nd gear, and clean the parts. You will notice that the synchro components, brake band, anchor Cheap Cigarette Online Free Shipping Newport Online Cigarettes block and synchro ring, are unique to 1st speed.

Note: Beginning with the 1977 version 915/61 transmission the 1st gear dog teeth are asymmetrical in shape, while earlier 915 versions are symmetrical and use a different sliding sleeve.

Set up the special dog tooth ring removal tool, I use the factory tool along with a puller and a strong vise to do the removal.

Even though a puller is designed to pull with equal force (a three jaw puller might be a better alternative than what I use, but I'm used to it), watch closely Newport 100'S Cigarettes Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes to be sure that the ring doesn't get cocked to one side.

Once the dog teeth are off, clean the gear and set it on the press table. Place the new ring on the gear, wiggle it slightly, and you will feel it engage the splines on the gear. From that point, don't touch the gear or dog teeth. I carefully lower a heavy steel plate onto the dog teeth ring without letting the ring move, and then lower the press's shaft down to the plate.

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