Princeton University laboratory accident sends three people to the hospital

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Princeton University laboratory accident sends three people to the hospital

The reaction caused the container housing the chemicals to break, some of the substance on the woman face, Oakley said.

He said that she suffered minor first degree burns under her eyes and was sent to the hospital after rinsing the irritated area with tap water at the lab Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. The security guard developed a minor rash on his arms after entering the room and was also sent to the hospital Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, along with the other student who was present, he said.

The fire was contained to the lab and nearly all of the chemicals in the air were sucked into the special hood under which the student was performing the experiment Newport Cigarettes For Sale, Oakley said.

The Trenton hazmat team conducted a test for volatile organic compounds Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, a catch-all hazard test and other assessments using litmus paper and monitoring meters, he said. The tests came back negative and air quality in the building was good.

Oakley said that the room was turned over to university officials to undergo cleaning following the incident Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. The room and the rest of the building were reopened after being inspected by school officials.<br/>related article :<br/> Cigarettes Coupons Printable
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