Researchers believe e-cigarettes may normalise nicotine use

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Researchers believe e-cigarettes may normalise nicotine use

The study's participants were asked how much and often they smoke or vape, as well as their attitude towards cigarettes.

Carbon dioxide on their breath Carton Cigarettes was also assessed to determine whether they had recently smoked.

This was all repeated a year later.

One-third smoke a year after Newport Carton vaping

Results reveal that among those who have Cigarettes Wholesale never tried cigarettes but have vaped, 34.4 per cent light up a year later.

This is Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online compared to only nine per cent who have not previously tried e-cigarettes.

Occasional smokers are nearly twice as likely to increase their habit if they vape.

Starting smoking is significantly more likely among adolescents whose family and friends indulge in the habit, and less common in those who have a negative attitude towards cigarettes.

Researchers believe e-cigarettes may normalise nicotine use.

Yet, they add more research into the subject is required.

The researchers wrote: 'Given the lack of clarity regarding the mechanism linking e-cigarette and cigarette use, we need to be cautious in making policy recommendations based on our findings.'