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by Bedah Mengo

NAIROBI, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- Huge concrete pillars, the seemingly unending tracks and nicely-built stations of a Chinese-built railway are becoming new tourist attractions in Kenya, known for its sandy beaches and wildlife parks.

Stretching from the Mombasa port to the capital Nairobi, the first phase of the standard gauge railway is yet to be completed but has already attracted throngs to get a glimpse.

"I was going for holiday in Mombasa last December and I could not help but stop in Emali to see the progress of the work. I liked the way the pillars stood in water at the Ndumoto bridge undisturbed with a crane doing some work," said Benson Ndwiga, a Kenyan accountant.

Ndwiga, like many other holiday-makers on their way to the coastal region, took photos of the edifice, part of the 3.8-billion-U.S.-dollar railway, before continuing with the journey.

At the Athi River Super Bridge, dozens of visitors were trying to catch a glimpse of the pillars and railroad.

"We are lucky that we will be seeing the train pass here," said Hillary Machera, a resident of Kitengela on the outskirts of Nairobi.

"When the bridge was being erected sometime in October last year, I spend time there capturing how the cranes were working, carrying the huge slabs and fitting them on the pillars. It was something out of this world," Machera told Xinhua.

The railway is the biggest infrastructure project in Kenya since its independence and will replace a track built 100 years ago during British colonial rule.

"Kenya Railways invites you to make a stop and enjoy the incredible sights of the standard gauge railway as you travel," says a message by the corporation.

It has identified Simba Railway Station, Voi Bridge, Taru Crossover, Athi River Super Bridge and Ndumoto bridges as places worth visiting.

Earlier this week, Kenya received from China the first batch of six locomotives, which will run on the railway line.

The locomotives are expected to attract more interest from Kenyans once testing on the rail begins.

The railway will cut the journey time from Nairobi to Mombasa to 4.5 hours from the current 10 hours.

Tourism stakeholders say the railway will be a major boost to tourism by offering comfortable travel and easy connectivity.

"The railway line will link beach and safari tourism and make the products exciting for local and international tourists," Sam Ikwaye, the Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers's branch official at the Coast, said in a recent interview.

Henry Wandera, a Nairobi-based economics lecturer, said that Kenyans were finding the railway line an attraction as it is the first time many Kenyans witnessed a rail line being constructed.

Wandera said the country's old railway was built when more than half of the current population had not been born, and over three-quarters of them have never used it.

"The new standard gauge railway line offers many a chance to not only see its construction but boarding a train," Wandera said.

The Mombasa-Nairobi railway is expected to begin trial operation in June and to officially open by the beginning of 2018. Enditem

Modular homes may be defined as built-in parts in a factory setting Rush Chad Williams Jersey , where they are never subjected to unfavourable climate circumstances and then subjected to a building spot where it is pieced together on location. This phenomenon of structuring is quite the differing of general on-site development, which originate and finishes at the location. Modular homes are equipped in an assembly line fashion and are then delivered when finished. These special homes have the look and sense of a usually built house and fulfil all requirements.
They may be built to be holding a sturdier frame for an earthquake prone area. No matter what condition the owner and local zoning region have Rush Budda Baker Jersey , all modular homes manufacturers have learned to make adjustments that will fulfil the requirements of those specifications. The sections move through factory, with the company's quality control department inspecting them after every action. Completed modules are covered for safety Rush Haason Reddick Jersey , and then transported to home area. Depends on design and the developer, some cheap homes can be completed in a factory within very little time like one weeks.
One of the pros of buying modular homes is the procedure of pre-fabrication. The pre-fabrication process at an indoor site is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly the messing of manufacturing that would have been completed on site is now manage before the home located property Rush Christian Kirk Jersey , which contribute in less time spent maintaining up after construction. And two, by working at an indoor facility to get it half developed Rush Josh Rosen Jersey , home is not susceptible to all of the other things counting shower and animals that can harmfully affect construction time and cause weather wear and tear. Another benefit is the power of modular homes. Many designer claims that modular homes are designed to be stronger than traditionally constructed homes. The basis for this designing is that many of the homes are developed with screws instead of nails and add glue to the joints to enable an easier delivery to the spot.
Cons of modular homes are the challenge of accessing the site. One concern that on-site constructors do not have the idea of driving a big home through slim streets. But excepting that these home are great than usual home.

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