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Smoking Weight Gain

Cigarettes seem like a great diet aid. Not only do they decrease your appetite, but when you feel like snacking, you can just reach for your mellow-flavored friend instead. Sadly, they can also kill you in particularly unpleasant ways.

Whatever you do, don't let the thought of gaining a few pounds put you off the idea of quitting Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online.

"I wanted to change my ways," Jainchill says. "I'd been feeling unwell for about three months, and basically, my doctor said, 'The first thing you're going to do is quit smoking. That's the biggest problem you have. Don't worry if you gain weight. Once you're fine quitting, then we'll put you on a weight-loss program.' I gained about 25 pounds from the day I quit smoking to the day I joined Weight Watchers."

Understand that you may gain some weight while quitting.

Mild exercise really does help. Try going for a walk after dinner.

Quitting smoking is just like a weight-loss program. You will most probably have blips along the way. If you break down and light up while you're quitting, don't despair Discount Cigarettes Online. You haven't failed. Learn from your mistakes and keep at it. You can do it.

"Most people who stop smoking do gain weight," says Thomas Glynn, PhD, director of cancer science and trends for the American Cancer Society. "The average weight gain is somewhere in the 5-to-10-pound range. In most cases, about a third of the weight gained after quitting smoking is due to the metabolic changes that come from not having nicotine anymore Types Of Marlboro Cigarettes. This change in metabolism only accounts for about 100 calories per day. The remainder of the weight gain is due to eating more, whether it be due to a replacement for the oral fixation or an increased appetite. But at no point is it impossible to lose that extra weight. There is no data to suggest whatsoever that that weight is permanent Price For Newport Cigarettes."

Glynn's advice is to focus on quitting first and then address any weight loss you want to achieve after you've been smoke-free for several months. He recommends a several-step process to quitting:

After you've made the decision to quit, set a quit date. This should be a day that is important to you, such as a birthday or an anniversary.

Tell your family and friends in advance.

Talk to someone who has previously quit about what to expect.

Once you have set your quit date, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about whether nicotine replacements would be helpful for you (there are several over-the-counter options and two prescriptions that are available) Wholesale Newport Cartons.

As your date approaches, start getting rid of all your smoking paraphernalia.

Be prepared for some difficult times, especially for slips. If you do have a slip, that doesn't mean you've failed. Brush yourself off, look at the situation and learn from it.<br/>related article :<br/> Wholesale Cigarettes Newports
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