Things You Should Know About New Art Hookah Aviator Hose

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Things You Should Know About New Art Hookah Aviator Hose

The first model of Art Hookah Aviator had white silicone and aluminum natural colour mouthpiece. Many people liked this hose for its form and style, but in the same time it had some such as: silicone thickness was too low, it collected dust and dirt, and mouthpiece colour can not be changed Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Because of this Art Hookah decided to start developing of the new version of Aviator Hose. They spent more then year to developing, testing (at the Art Hookah Lounge in San Diego) and production of the new tubes.

Many people asking, why new Aviator is more expensive than represented at some stores. The answer is easy. The quality of the new version is one level higher, compared with old version and most of hoses of other manufactures. It means, that you pay not for version words, but for highest quality on the hookah market. Lets know more about it.


New Aviator has thick medical-grade silicone without shape memory, obtained by platinum-curing method. It is matte black and don collect any dust or dirt. It is pleasant to touch, can not be broken or worn out, as well as no odors and foreign tastes. It has really highest quality.

Mouthpiece and adapter

Mouthpiece and adapter are made of very strong aircraft-grade aluminum 6061-T6, AD-33 with deep anodizing Discount Cigarettes Online. It means aluminum has a strong oxide film, that prevent its oxidation and absorbation odors through mouthpiece. It also means, that color of the parts is placed of product, instead of paint covering, applied by many other manufactures. According to all of the above facts we can truly say, that new Aviator mouthpiece and adapter can serve you endlessly without any scratches Types Of Marlboro Cigarettes, breakage or bending, unwanted odors and tastes, without loss of colour.


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