Triumphant FIFA 19 update brings fun and fantasy to the fore

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Triumphant FIFA 19 update brings fun and fantasy to the fore

It’s only after watching the replay, about four hours into my time with FIFA 19, that I really start to notice the little things EA has changed since last year. You crunch into tackles harder. Strong players throw their weight around more, shielding the ball from defenders. Agile wingers can slip away from tackles faster, and when you do smash a volley past a despairing keeper, it feels better than ever before in a FIFA game.

These minor flaws are not to say that FIFA 19 is a bad game by any stretch. It definitely isn't. The Journey, for those who enjoy it, is as entertaining as ever, and presented as such. Ultimate Team will also be enjoyed just as much this year as it has been in previous years.

The Champions League gets embedded in FUT to a degree, featuring player cards based on performances in the competition – although it’s a shame there’s no way to have Rae and Dixon as commentators. Buy FIFA 19 Account from,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery. Indeed, while visuals tweaks do please, like seeing a goalscorer’s card superimposed on the pitch as the opposition kicks off, it’s time EA found a way to unlock all presentation styles in Ultimate Team. Official MLS, Premier League and La Liga overlays are in the game, and using them in FUT would be a masterstroke.

Career Mode has barely changed, but the basic multiplayer match option now lets you choose from a number of fun playground options including Headers and Volleys and No Rules, where there is no ref and no decisions – sort of post-apocalyptic football. EA has also brought in the Champions League, so you can take a side to European glory while getting heartily sick of the competition’s operatic theme tune.

Aside from gameplay, FIFA 19 does have some other changes which made headlines in recent months, particularly the new House Rules mode for Kick Off. The different modes in House Rules - Survival, No Rules, Headers and Volleys, Long Range and First To - are as fun as one would expect, but given the change of approach to gameplay, will take a little time before you can truly let loose.

I’d happily play another 50 games with my friend, and countless more online and against the computer, in FIFA 19. It’s a shame EA has neglected career mode and playing against the AI feels easier than normal, unless you’re willing to tweak gameplay sliders. But the changes EA have made – particularly to shooting – have paid off. FIFA 19 is better than FIFA 18 in almost every way, and it’s more fun to play than any other football game right now.