Which celebrities have you spotted in your Starbucks store

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Which celebrities have you spotted in your Starbucks store

I worked at Starbucks in Wilmington, NC and they filmed Dawson Creek there. Before they wrapped forever the cast and crew where regulars at the area Starbucks. The even more pretty in person, Katie Holmes used to get a 1/2caf grande soy latte and a bottle of water Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. She was very quiet and pleasant. She would come in alone and drive off in her black del sol with a dent in the side. Kerr Smith would come in and was sooo cute he would get a Iced venti extra vanilla vanilla Latte. Countless members of the crew came in including director David Carson would come in and get a grande no whip mocha some time with caramel drizzle.

Now they are filming One tree Hill there and the cast also enjoys their Starbucks.

Bethany Joy Lenz likes The Venti Caramel Frappucino Light Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, if I remember right. She was so sweet, always smiling. Chad Michael Murray with his then fiance Sophia Bush would come in together I can rememeber what she gets but he would always get a Venti Extra white mocha White Chocolate Mocha. He used to hang out at our store alone quite a bit when the weather was nice and smoke cigarettes and tap on his lap top. But His fiance was nice, She told me how much she likes the Hear Music Cds.

One day Joanna Kern from Growing Pains (Mrs. Seaver) came in I think she was directing a Lifetime movie at Screen Gems. She got a grande nonfat extra hot misto.

I miss working at that store, It was always fun seeing who was going to come in.

I used to work at a Starbucks in Clayton, Mo. which is an upscale suburb of St Newport Cigarettes For Sale. Louis. Cardinals and Rams players sometimes lived nearbye. Marshall Faulk came in a couple times. He didn say much. Mark McGwire came in twice one weekend when he was in town for Mark McGwire Day or something at the stadium. He paid with a Starbucks card and didn tip. Bob Costas also came in: I remember he got a carot bar, which my manager said he would buy all the time when he was in town. He looked older in person, but when I looked away and heard only the melliflous sound of his voice I knew it was him.

i worked at the hanley wydown store in STL for a couple of years. we answer the phone to hear kids (and adults) ask."is mark mcgwire in your store right now?" mark always ordered a venti soy white chocolate mocha. then he pay with a 100 and we have to scrape up change. bob costas would order a tall decaf and a "carraht baaah." he always scraped off the icing. But I seen Jennifer Garner (breathtaking!), Alexis Denisof, Alan Alda, Liam Neeson and his wife, Liza Minelli and her erstwhile husband (who came in with their bodyguard once, but usually alone), Jim Carrey, Tony Kushner, Matthew Lillard, Lisa Ling, Darryl Hannah (she ordered organic milk), Faith Ford, Rebecca Budig and a bunch of soap opera stars, some of whom I cannot recognize, but most of whom look better than the average person. Dakota Fanning would come in with her mom, her agent (and once her little sister) when they were in NY and get plain pound cake for the next day breakfast.

I worked in the Starbucks in Bristol, CT, the home of ESPN. Most of the people on ESPN I didn know although I knew they were very important. I think Dee Snyder if I spelling that correctly came in. Somebody can just sound it out and attempt to extrapolate it. Also Max Kellerman got something crazy, like a frappucino although I could be wrong, I think it was a venti no-whip java chip frappucino, no whip. There was also his friend Brian Kenny who came in with Max. Brian had an entire family that wanted frappucinos so we had to make like 10 frappucinos or something. Although I believe that Brian Kenny himself got an iced venti soy chai if my memory serves correctly. Also alot of the ESPN staff would come in each morning looking for their coffee fix because they were no longer in NYC and needed some coffee. I think Starbucks was first placed in Bristol because ESPN wanted some good coffee and in case Howard Schultz should decided to come into town?

North and Wells, Chicago, now closed.

My very first day on bar, I heard a familiar voice ordering a grande non-fat latte. It was John malkovich. He was in town directing a play. He was in that store every day for hours at a time for a few weeks. It was just like in the movie, "Being John Malkovich". People would be like, "Aren you.?"He was super nice and always very friendly.

Chris Farley came in and was very nice. One of our baristas went to camp with his sister and they sang camp songs very loud to the delight of all the customers.

Christina Applegate, Sandra Bullock, Ron Howard, Dan Akroyd, Mr. T.

Lots of local News celebrities, like Bill Kurtis, now hosting those true crime shows (very nice).

I subbed at at the Starbucks across the street from CBS, and Gene Siskel came in, and Lester Holt (not very nice).

Dave Matthews has been spotted twice already -- what does he drink? Is he a caffeine fiend or what? Same question about Downey Jr but I think we know wha sort of fiend he is ;->

Does John Malkovich sound especially creepy ordering a non far grand latte?

What did Jeremy Piven do to require a cussing smackdown?

What did Bono smell like and how on earth did you get close enough?

Any good second hand stories about the Clinton visit? Al Gore visited a Berkeley cafe once (Strada on Bancroft/College) Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, ran out of his waiting limo and ordered a white chocolate mocha (which to be fair was the specialty of that cafe).


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Re: Which celebrities have you spotted in your Starbucks store

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