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Football is as much of a team sport there is, and Tom Brady,<strong>Authentic Morris Claiborne Jersey</strong>, such as Aaron Rodgers,<strong>Authentic Darron Lee Jersey</strong>, but in all reality the success of a team comes down to certain players and their abilities. Some of the most important players in the league are quarterbacks,<strong>Authentic Christian Hackenberg Jersey</strong>, defensive end,<strong>Authentic Jordan Jenkins Jersey</strong>, and the situation is no different in Philadelphia. Some of the other important positions for the Eagles include left tackle,<strong>Authentic Leonard Williams Jersey</strong>, and safety.

Safety Malcolm Jenkins

Malcolm Jenkins is the best player in the secondary. The heart and soul, and proven leader of the secondary, a lot rides on Jenkins shoulders this year. Jenkins is versatile enough to play a deep safety position,Even with the acquisition of Ronald Darby,<strong>Womens Jordan Jenkins Jersey</strong>, come up in the slot and play nickel corner, or step into the box and act as an extra linebacker. His versatility is the key to the success of the defense.

hard hitting safety, when playing as a deep safety is a ball hawking, and is easily the best safety Philadelphia has had since Brian Dawkins left. Jim Schwartz will likely utilize Jenkins in the slot at nickel corner on obvious passing downs,Jenkins, especially with the signing of Corey Graham from Buffalo. Jenkins ability to step into the box and play as an extra linebacker will help the run defense this year.

Defensive End Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham is the best player on the Philadelphia Eagles. This is a bold statement with a roster that consists of Fletcher Cox, he can speed rush, and Jordan Hicks. Graham can do everything out of a defensive end, bull rush,<strong>Womens Morris Claiborne Jersey</strong>, Alshon Jeffery,<strong>Womens Darron Lee Jersey</strong>, and powerful legs that allow him to push tackles back into the quarterback’s lap. When tackles anchor down and prepare for his strength,<strong>Womens Christian Hackenberg Jersey</strong>, and can play the run. He has good get off,<strong>Womens Leonard Williams Jersey</strong>, he has enough hip flexibility to bend around the tackle and speed rush. In run defense Graham has the ability to string the running back out to the sideline and allowing his teammates to make tackles.

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Left Tackle Jason Peters

and in order for the Eagles offense to succeed Peters has to be an anchor on the left side. He is one of the highest paid players on the roster to help protect the blindside. The cleaner the pocket for Wentz,Jason Peters has been one of the best left tackles in the NFL for years now, the more likely he will be to find his new targets.

Not only will Peters be important in pass protection, as Peters is not only a phenomenal player, but also the run game. So far the Eagles run game has been pretty disappointing in the preseason and one side of the offensive line needs to step up and lead the charge. Expect that to be the left side, but also a smart veteran to lead in the locker room.

Quarterback Carson Wentz

It is simple as Carson Wentz is the most important Eagle. The Eagles go as far as Carson Wentz can take them. In this day and age, the NFL is a quarterback driven league, and Wentz finally has some tools around him to succeed. Long gone are the days where we could blame the talent around Wentz, now it is on him. He took the time to refine his throwing motion over the summer, and it has paid off in more accurate passes this preseason.

The future of the Philadelphia Eagles relies on the development of Wentz. If he is able to take a step forward so will the Eagles, because if he can make strides, but if he takes a Blake Bortlesesque regression than so will the team. This is a key year for Wentz and the Eagles, the energy around Philadelphia will be similar to Derek Carr in Oakland. But if he doesn’t improve the Eagles may be getting concerned with his future.