World Of Warcraft Players Are Waiting In Literal Lines To Complete Quests

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World Of Warcraft Players Are Waiting In Literal Lines To Complete Quests

World of Warcraft Classic is out now, and the release is proving to be wildly popular. It's so popular that players are facing lengthy server queues to simply get into the game. Those who do manage to get in are finding other lines to wait in. Social media reports show that players are waiting in literal queues in-game to complete quests.

The demand for space on World of Warcraft Classic servers, which launched tonight at 6 p.m. Eastern Time, has been overwhelming. Fans of the nearly 15-year-old game have been creating characters like mad since last week, reserving their names and a shot at recapturing the nostalgia of playing the game as it was close to its launch. There is no up-front cost to Classic; if you have an active World of Warcraft subscription, you own it. So the barrier to those wanting to take a gander at the game, whether they stay or not, is very low. If you are in lack of World of Warcraft Classic Power Leveling, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

There's just one small problem: the game hasn't really been tuned for how efficient everyone is. So the end result for players is that after having spent an uncomfortably long time in 2019 just waiting to see the character screen, players are forming literal queues in-game while they wait for quests mobs to respawn.

But what wasn't expected was the surprisingly well mannered in-game behavior of hundreds of players waiting for the same quest objective. Rather than fight over mobs in a chaotic mess, multiple servers have all reported the emergence of astonishingly patient lines. While the high level of community activity and friendly social behavior is often talked about when discussing WoW: Classic, it is surreal to see the social tendency to form lines being replicated inside of the game world.