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actress Golshifteh Farahani smoking Newport 100s cigarettes

There's even a Jarmusch film I admire with no qualifications whatsoever -"Broken Flowers," an endearing, wistful film in which Bill Murray quite lovably began to welcome late middle age.

I frankly dreaded "Paterson" for its opportunities to allow Jarmusch to slather his elitist smart-aleck smirk over everything in sight, including the poetry and influence of William Carlos Williams which doesn't begin to deserve it. (By the way, thanks to the heroic collating efforts of Neil Baldwin and others, the State University at Buffalo poetry room is some of the greatest collections of Williams manuscripts and memorabilia, including his writing desk, anywhere.)

To Jarmusch's credit, he resists smirk opportunities throughout most Marlboro Lights 100S of the film. There is no condescension toward his city bus driver who writes poetry in a private notebook. The poetry is not at all bad for a simple reason - it was written by Ron Padgett, a very good poet and Jarmusch friend.

I worried when Paterson's wife ordered a guitar in the mail and planned to become a country and western singer. Here comes the Carton Cigarettes Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online superior Jarmusch smirk, I thought. He's going to plaster her for her banality and lack of talent. And, in truth, he seemed briefly tempted to do just that. But actress Golshifteh Farahani is too good and won't let him.

So we follow Cigarettes For Sale Online Paterson's regimented regular life outside the bus and the poems written on the fly - the time he wakes up almost every morning, the bar he goes to nightly for one beer, no more, the dog he parks outside in the same spot, the barroom inhabitants to which his benevolence adds no small life support.

Williams was famous for the magnificence of his minimalist condensations of the everyday in life. Along with being a poet he was a pediatrician and GP in New Jersey (head of a hospital pediatric department, in fact). No poet has ever been less of an ivory tower dweller than William Carlos Williams. Life, in all forms, was his expertise.

It's nice to know that Jarmusch -who long ago thought of becoming a poet--has been so influenced Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes by Williams that he knocks off the smirking and actually seems to believe that Williams might influence the poetry of a bus driver every bit as much as he might have influenced, say, Robert Creeley.