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air purifier reviews uk

Is It Expensive?

The Honeywell 50250 N is a mid range air purifier so it is not the cheapest and by no means the most expensive either. You should expect to pay around $160.

Things to Look Out For!

A couple of things to be aware of when air purifier reviews uk buying one of these. Firstly as I said earlier it can be a little on the noisy side when set on a high setting, but if you want to hear it and judge for yourself, I have a video on my website where you can listen. Personally I don't think it is too loud.

There are two models around the Honeywell 50250 and the 50250N The only difference is that the 50250N model has a lifetime hepa filter so it will not need to be replaced. On the Honeywell 50250 model the heap filter will have to be replaced about every 3-6 months and they can be around $100 so the 50250N model is by far better value.