cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for teens

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cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for teens

E-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for teenagers: One-third light up a year after they start vaping

Of those [url=]Cigarettes For Sale Online[/url] who do not use cigarettes [url=]Marlboro Lights 100S[/url] but do vape, 34.4 per cent smoke a year laterThis is compared to only nine per cent who did not previously use e-cigarettesOccasional smokers are nearly twice as likely to increase their habit if they vapeSmoking is more likely among teens whose family and peers indulge in the habitResearchers think e-cigarettes may normalise nicotine use, prompting smokingBy

E-CIGARETTES ARE AS DANGEROUS AS SMOKING: ONE PUFF COULD INCREASE THE RISK OF A HEART ATTACKJust one puff of an e-cigarette could be all it takes to increase the risk of a heart attack, research suggested earlier this month.

After just five minutes of vape exposure, mice's arteries narrow by 30 percent within an hour, a study found.

Their blood vessels are also less able to dilate, which is required to lower blood pressure, the research adds.

Previous research reveals narrow arteries can result in heart attacks or stroke.

Researchers wrote: 'These data indicate that e-cigs should not be  considered safe and that they induce significant deleterious effects.'

How the study was carried out

Researchers from the University of Leeds analysed surveys completed by2,386 13-to-14 year olds from 20 schools across England.