cigarettes irritate the airways more than other types

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cigarettes irritate the airways more than other types

cigarettes irritate the airways more than other Carton Cigarettes types

Cherry flavoured e-cigarettes were found to have 'signfiicantly higher' levels of benzaldehyde - a respiratory irritant - than other flavours, according to a new study

One in particular - benazaldehyde - isroutinely used in food and cosmetics, and is a key Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes ingredient in 'natural' fruit flavourings.

But because it has been shown to irritate the airways, researchers wanted to find out how much of the chemical fruit flavoured e-cigarette liquid contained.

The study, conducted at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, found levels of benazaldehyde inhaled in 30 puffs of a cherry flavoured e-cigarette were often higher than those from a conventional cigarette.

First, the researchers grouped 145 e-cigarette liquids bought online according to their labeling.

There were 40 berry or tropical fruit flavoured, 37 tobacco flavoured, 15 alcohol flavoured, 11 chocolate or sweet flavoured, 11 coffee or tea flavoured, 10 mint or menthol flavoured, 10 cherry flavoured and 11 classified as 'other'.

The scientists then generated aerosol vapor through an automatic smoking simulator.