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Diet for Healthy Hair - Promote Hair Growth Health Articles | July 2 Mark Andrews Jersey , 2011
You need to eat a balanced diet to restore the shine and strength of your hairs. This article briefly describes the food products which should be included in diet to promote hair growth.

The structure and look of hair is hereditary and a person born with thin hair may not be able to get thick or high growth in the lifetime even if he or she eats a good amount of nutrition but taking growth promoting substances in diet helps in managing the texture of hair. To restore the shine, hairs require a balanced diet. Irons Lamar Jackson Jersey , proteins and vitamins promote hair growth and in some rare cases excess intake of vitamin A may be harmful for hair.

Some of the food products which should be included in diet to promote hair growth are

1. Wholegrain food products are required to provide minerals to the body. Nuts provide both minerals and vitamins. Nuts such as walnuts and Brazil nuts contains selenium which is needed to keep the scalp healthy. Nuts such as almonds and cashew nuts provides the body with zinc, which is needed for the prevention of hair fall.

2. One can suffer from hair loss or brittle hair in case a low protein diet is taken. Legumes such as lentils and kidney beans should be included in the diet because these substances are needed to get proteins required for the growth of hair. These also contain minerals such as zinc Hayden Hurst Jersey , iron and biotin, which are needed for the hair to stay shiny. Biotin also reduces the brittleness of hair. Zinc is also found in adequate amount in lamb and beef. Zinc and iron is also found in whole grains such as whole grain breads and cereals.

3. To increase intake of proteins in diet one should take chicken and turkeys聮. It also contains iron. Eggs are also good source of proteins and one can get enough amount of vitamin B12 in diet by taking eggs.

4. Fish such as salmon is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. It is a good source of vitamin B 12 and proteins.

5. Water is needed for keeping the body hydrated and to keep the skin and hair nourished. Low water in body can make the skin and hair dry.

6. Fibers should be included in diet such as vegetables Justin Tucker Jersey , legumes and grains.

7. A good amount of phyto-estrogen is found in soy and soymilk and it should be taken frequently in diet.

8. Dark green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli contain a good amount of vitamin A and C. These vegetables help the body to create sebum which is the oily substance found below the hair follicle.

9. One can suffer from hair loss caused by poor blood circulation to scalp and to improve blood circulation include ginger, gingko and garlic in diet. One can improve blood circulation by doing certain exercises or yoga asana.

10. Limited amount of carrots can be taken to increase the amount of vitamin A. It is helpful in improving the texture of scalp and it also promotes good vision.

11. One should not try to lose an excess weight in a short period as it may affect the hair growth. A very low calorie diet can cause malnutrition and it may affect the health of hair.

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