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Actor Chen Kun attends the FIRST Film Festival Xining 2016 in Xining nike air max 360 sale , Qinghai Province, on July 27. Photo: CFP
Going from a simple video screening at Beijing's Communication University of China 10 years ago to today's star-studded event, the FIRST Film Festival Xining 2016 has developed into a major event on the level of many major festivals in China and around the world.

Different from the State-supported Beijing and Shanghai international film festivals which focus on traditional media coverage through TV and newspapers, FIRST is closely connected to social media. When the festival first began, word of mouth first spread through individual critics and then later through social media, allowing the festival to become a major proponent for films from young filmmakers.

One of the reasons why the festival has attracted so much attention is because the art of film has always been its No.1 priority.

Every year the festival chooses the most outstanding independent films from directors who depict their personal memories and emotions nike air max 97 sale , or focus on social realities. In China's current money-driven film industry, FIRST has remained a stable outlet for the art of filmmaking.

Focus on social reality

This year's FIRST, which ran from July 21-30 in Xining, Qinghai Province, boasted a number of powerful independent films that focused on social realities.

Laughing to Die, which won the festival's Best Feature Film and Best Director awards nike air vapormax sale , focuses on the collapse of China's traditional "big family" in the country's rapidly developing rural regions. Using a story structure similar to Tokyo Story, the film focuses on a lonely 86-year-old widow who is unable to care for herself anymore due to illness. While her children take turns trying to take care of her, their building frustration after she suffers a stroke leads her to commit suicide in the barn behind her home.

The jury described the films as possessing "a keen insight will not showing emotion or changing tone throughout. "

The Summer Is Gone, set during the 1990s when many State-owned enterprises were transitioning to private companies, made a huge splash at the festival. Director Zhang Dalei turned his own memories of father and family into lyrical prose poetry with this film.

Filled with fierce emotions and drama, the film delves into the subtle psychology of an ordinary family nike air max 2019 sale , who represent many of the families who were dealing with the drastic changes of the time. No matter if it's the film's aesthetics or social commentary, The Summer Is Gone has a number of memorable elements.

Pseudo-documentary thriller Exorcism, made for only 50,000 yuan ($7,500), also stood out during the film festival. Using its documentary style to explore the superstitions of rural areas nike air max 270 mens sale , the film is able to build tension by secretly shooting and following the characters, and features a number of twists and turns.

More importantly, Exorcism doesn't rely on the use of fake blood or sudden jump scares to shock audiences, instead building suspense and atmosphere to curdle the audience's blood. There really is a reason why many are calling it "the best domestic thriller in a decade."

Born in 1989, director Ma Kai used to make a living as an extra on TV shows made by Hengdian World Studios. Many of the crew and actors on the film are also extras. For instance, producer Sun Deqiang is a welder from Jinan nike air max 270 womens sale , Shandong Province.

After winning applause at FIRST, Ma has become one of the most sought after independent directors.

Founded as a platform aimed at giving attention to young filmmakers who otherwise would go unnoticed, FIRST's connections throughout China's film industry has enabled it to achieve its goals.

Future challenges now include how to maintain this success and continue expansion while standing by its goals.

Yuan Dengyu is a film critic based in Beijing.

Education > College EducationHow can charitable institutions contribute towards women empowerment?

Posted by aanandhi in Education on August 19th, 2016

Women empowerment has remained an unfulfilled social vision. Through centuries, great social thinkers and reformers felt the need, though remarkable progress have taken place in different parts of the world  nike air max 270 camo heel sale , India still lags behind compared to other developed countries of the world. Of late, there are many charitable institutions which work hard towards bringing women to the forefront, highlighting their eminence, power and greatness in various fronts. One such Charitable trusts inBangalore is SJF who strives to endorse women empowerment through activities and enterprises that act as the stepping stones in forming a society that stands for equality, power and strength of women.

This charitable trust in India, is working for the empowerment of women through giving scholarships nike air max 270 coral dtardust sale , teaching vocational courses and instituting degree colleges for women. They deem it their responsibility to educate women, particularly of rural region, so as to bring them out of their inhibitions and traditional taboos and empower them with education, knowledge and wisdom to act as part of their family and society. With this mission, the Foundation has established Jindal Pre University College in 2003, offering high quality education to around 400 students every year. It has also housed a Degree College offering Bcom and BCA as academic courses.

As a well recognized NGO for education nike air max 270 ultramarine sale , Sitaram Jindal Foundation has The Mahila Arts and Crafts Charitable Institute (MACCI) to offer vocational courses like tailoring, typing, embroidery, beautician course, spoken English, tie and die nike air max 270 triple black sale , computer courses, block printing etc to rural women. Courses like typing, tailoring, short hand and computer are taught free of cost to the students who are unable to continue their higher education. Students who enroll themselves with ta. Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping   Cheap Jerseys Online   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys