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recover delete photos from galaxy s10

Samsung, which has been squeezed toothpaste this year, has been quietly making a big move, ready to release it on the Samsung S10 next year. Just today, foreign technology media suddenly exposed the real machine rendering of Samsung S10. Looking at the renderings, Samsung did not let us down, explaining what is the real full-screen mobile phone, how to design is called a comprehensive screen.

From the rendering of Samsung S10, Samsung's overall design concept is the same as S8 and S9, retaining the upper and lower borders, no bangs and water drops screen, but the width of the upper and lower borders is unbelievable, and Samsung's solution The bottom border is the same COP package as the iPhoneX.

The top frame boldly cut off the front lens and put it directly under the screen! This is also consistent with previous exposure rumors. At the same time, for the sake of simplicity, Samsung S10 did not continue the back fingerprint recognition, but adopted the latest Qualcomm ultrasound screen fingerprint. Compared with the on-screen optical fingerprint commonly used in domestic mobile phones, the fingerprint on the ultrasonic screen is faster and more accurate.

In comparison with the Samsung S9+ and iPhoneXS, we can intuitively feel that the front of the Samsung S10 is full of stunning screens, so beautiful! Under the Samsung S10's face value, the Samsung S9+ is not a very thick border but has become very large, not to mention the ugly Liu Haiping of the iPhoneX.

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