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If your videos are already stored in your PC drive you can just copy it to the 100mnv01 folder in your PSP. However, if these are not in MP4 format, you will have to convert it before copying  it or else your PSP will Newport Wholesale Cigarettes not be able to play it for you. If it is Cigarette Cartons For Cheap on 3GP, for example, a format mostly used by phone videos, you will have to convert it to MP4 with the use of a video converter Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping that you can easily download free from the Internet.

In downloading directly from the Internet, make sure also that the format is MP4. Album videos are usually in MP4 already. However, those meant for mobile phones such as WAP videos may need conversion being normally in 3GP. Save these also in the 100mnv01 folder in your PSP.

These are the easy steps to take when you download videos to your PSP. When all these are done, you are ready to watch these videos anywhere you take the PSP, making it a little package of total entertainment.

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