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Quickly change the subject. As soon as a fresh volley comes your way, deftly dodge the bullet and, in an abrupt shift of conversation-mode, glance in another direction and excitedly say something else, like, "Oh what a Cheap Cigarettes Newports nice outfit! This color is one of my favorites!" Cigarette Cartons For Cheap Or, "Would you like something to drink?" Or, "Let me check what the baby is doing." Proceed to talk about the new subject.

Break off eye contact. Proceed to get up (if you're sitting) and walk to another place. Rummage through your handbag as if you remembered something. Pick up the newspaper or magazine and leaf through it. Take out your cell phone and go through your text messages.

Answer a question with a vague answer. You could learn to answer, "So what is your husband's Buy Newport Online salary?" with, "The same as others in his position," or, "Oh, he's doing just fine, why don't you ask him?" This method does not work with the stubborn variety of inquisitive people, though. They just continue asking with even more persistence.

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