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Take a deep breath, and keep silent. No one can force you to say something you don't want to. Let them keep asking again and again. If they don't get an answer, they will hopefully take the hint and stop.

Demarcate boundaries. When such people call on you, keep the rest of the house dark, and limit their movement to the living room. Don't give them chances to move around near the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets or the kitchen -- because if they do, they'll just get more fodder for their curiosity. You can keep new items you have recently bought out of sight, for the same reason.

Minimize social interaction. You could opt to only sparingly include such people on your guest list, so that you see them only as much as you can handle. The intention is to keep the relationship intact; since they are unable to change themselves, they risk ruining Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping their relationship with you permanently if they meet you too often. It is best to keep house calls, phone calls, and social meetings with such people to a minimum. That could be weekly, monthly or the chance meeting; it depends on you.

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