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Used smoke is more harmful compared to exhaust fumes

Smoke used smoke and smell vehicle exhaust, which is more damaging to human body report, aroused individuals extensive hot discussion, likewise is passive smoke dangerous gas, which is more dangerous after all?

Shandong linyi people ms wu is a overseas trade company white-collar, the girl care about their health in ordinary times, because Constantly stand the colleagues associated with secondhand smoke, played the "no smoking" signs published Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale USA it on their PC microsoft wu: remember I was imprinted Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale logo, afraid of co-workers turn a blind eyes, then I start them straight across from my pc, that is his right opposing said ms wu, the lady thinks, not because of individual physical sensitive issues, the risks of secondhand smoke Newport  100s Cigarettes upon so ms wu continues to be the same age group, also is not really sensitive, I think the taste is simply too big, no one can smell. Individuals who smoke secondhand Carton of Newport 100s Online smoke are more inclined to develop lung cancer Marlboro Red Regular Cigarettes than patients who smoke first hand smoke cigarettes. I have seen on tv, this aspect of the documented person itself from the perils of secondhand smoke is higher for recent hot second-hand smoke and car wear out,