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Pay attention to the details. The success of your horror theme will be based on the amount of details you place in a room. If you're going with a slasher flick, place an old chainsaw on the table, as a tribute to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hang hockey masks on the wall and place different weapons on the tables and shelves. These can be fake daggers, a scythe, gun and Newport Menthol Shorts other objects used to Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping kill in the movies. Place smears of fake blood on the walls. Place a mannequin dressed with a frumpy dress with a bun wig on a rocking chair and position it by a window. Place lighting behind it to create Norman Bates' mother in the movie Psycho.

Make a Psycho bathroom. Recreate the infamous shower scene in Psycho. In your guest bathroom, leave the shower on with a white curtain closed. If you don't want to waste water, cut up strips of foil and other luminous paper to recreate water and stick it on the shower head. To add to the drama, leave a "bloodied" hand print on the tile walls using fake blood. You can even put a sign outside the door that says "Bates Motel."

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