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U: Unused Space - Don't forget about the space in your home or office that is often forgotten about, such as wall space for shelves or hooks for hanging, or space under the stairs.

V: Visualize - Picture how wonderful your life Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping is going to be when you're organized. Then strive to put yourself in that picture every Marlboro Lights Online day.

W: Write It Down - Don't try to keep everything you have to remember in your head. Simply write it down and refer to it when needed.

X: X Marks The Spot - Place an X next to each item you accomplish on your To Do List. At the end of the day, add up your x's and celebrate for getting so much done!

Y: You - Don't forget to make time for YOU. Remember, an appointment with yourself--time for you with no interruptions--should be one of the most important appointments in your day.

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