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Marlboro Cigarettes Online production of high-grade
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Due to the need of the industry itself and native tobacco control orders, smoke production has maintained a growth rate of 3. five per cent in Cheap Newport  Cigarettes From Cheap Newport Cigarettes For Sale China the past 10 years, while cig revenue has maintained a yearly growth Buy Newports Online Cheap rate of 15%. Another set of data implies that in 2007, the Marlboro Cigarettes Online production of high-grade cigarettes in China paid for for about 30%, up to March 2012, Newport 100s the growth value of 69. 1%. According to the plan from the state tobacco monopoly management, in 2015, the percentage of high-grade cigarettes will reach 80%. 70 yuan ~100 yuan for the 2nd class of cigarettes, usually known as high-grade cigarettes. High-grade smoking cigarettes in the production link to levy 56% consumption tax, 17% value added tax and 10% revenues tax, plus the consumption taxes, value-added tax and return tax in the commercial link, the particular retail price of high-grade cigs is usually more than 200 yuan per piece,