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The NFL has released this year’s officiating roster and there will be seven first-year officials among the 121 working games this season.

Three of those officials — side judge Chad Hill [url=]Demarcus Walker Jersey[/url] , field judge Anthony Jeffries and back judge Tony Josselyn — come to the league from the SEC. Field judges Matt Edwards and Don Willard will make the jump from the Big Ten to the NFL while field judge Land Clark comes from the Pac-12 and line judge Mark Stewart is leaving the Big 12 for the professional ranks.

Hill will be part of Shawn Hochuli’s crew in Hochuli’s first year as a referee. He is one of four new referees this year as the league lost four refs, including Hochuli’s father Ed, to retirement since the end of last season.

Two of the 121 officials are not permanently assigned to a crew. Line judge Mike Spanier and field judge Mike Weatherford will work with different crews throughout the season.

The NFL hypes pretty much everything it does. Except the supplemental draft.

The annual midsummer not-so-classic arrives at 1:00 p.m. ET today, with teams permitted on a round-by-round basis to offer up the corresponding pick in next year’s draft for a given player. The player is then awarded through a waivers-type priority [url=]Bennie Fowler III Jersey[/url] , if multiple teams want a player in the same given round.

The whole thing moves quickly, efficiently, electronically. And it shows how quick, efficient [url=]Cody Whitehair Jersey[/url] , and electronic the April draft could be, if the league wanted to do it that way. Clearly, however, the NFL prefers to make the April draft into a multi-day [url=]Tyler Ervin Jersey[/url] , multi-network spectacle.

That makes the league’s bare-bones treatment of the supplemental draft even more confusing. Maybe the league doesn’t want to encourage guys to find a way to circumvent the regular draft process and get what would be a far less crowded stage in July.

At one point, the supplemental draft was a much bigger deal. The last time a player of any significance entered the NFL via the supplemental draft happened in 2012, when the Browns used a second-round pick on receiver Josh Gordon.

Today, the thinking is that three of the five eligible players could be picked. Which would be significant. Whatever happens [url=]Dan Skuta Jersey[/url] , it will be quick, efficient, and electronic — and if you blink you may miss it.

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